Since graduating with the British equivalent of a Master’s in commercial and industrial photography, longer ago than I care to remember, I’ve worked in various photographic environments, from large advertising studios to even larger electronics and engineering companies. While working for the U.S. military in Europe, I had the opportunity to build a complete photographic program from the ground up, including both studio and darkroom work. This included teaching photography, something I’ve continued to do at various levels, and is something I especially enjoy.


To the late Peter Fredrick F.R.P.S, who took a young kid under his wing, guided him through his formal education, and above all passed on his passion for the unlimited possibilities of the photographic medium.

To Phil Judd, advertising photographer, consummate professional, mentor, and friend. During the five plus years I assisted him, Phil taught me all I know about the real world of commercial photography. From practical technique, improvising in the studio, making a working studio work, meeting clients’ needs and deadlines, to… well, everything really.

To every photographer who has generously shared with me their knowledge, experience, encouragement… and the occasional tripod.

And finally, to my wife Donna who lends me a clear eye when I need it, and invaluable help in the studio when two hands just aren’t enough.

                                                                                                   …Mick Landau